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RISK - Old Habits Die Hard


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A definitive book on Los Angeles graffiti originator and icon RISK. With a career spanning over four decades RISK recounts his history, failures, success and of course the many brushes with the law. Over 350 pages and more than 700 many never-before-seen photos help navigate the reader through the story of LA's graffiti and how it was shaped. From the very early 80s to present-day, RISK has not slowed down but instead has continued to evolve, remaining at the forefront of the culture. Over the years, many graffiti writers and street artists have come and gone, but RISK has established that he is here to stay through his constant progression and his willingness to stay true to his art. This book narrates his role as one of the pioneers of graffiti in Los Angeles and his aim to not only push the boundaries of his own art but also help elevate the graffiti movement to worldwide recognition.

352 pages. 726 colour ills. 28 x 21.5cm

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