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The ’Jason Bonez’ 12’’ provides a truly unique listening experience, as it features clips and interludes from the original film which you will not find on the tape, CD & digital versions. An opportunity to digest the album in a way that no one else will. This white label is extremely limited and will never be reproduced! 

This hard hitting thematic masterpiece draws influence from the classic horror film ‘Friday The 13th’ and its legendary hockey mask wearing murderous villain, Jason Vorhees. Badbonez pulls no punches as he adopts the character of ‘Jason Bonez’ and proceeds to lacerate, decapitate & mutilate everything in his path over equally gritty production courtesy of long time collaborators Jazz T & Dr Zygote (Strange U) as well as UK production veterans wizard, Nutty P, Jetsun & Mark Fear Beats. Comprising of 9 blistering tunes, ‘Jason Bonez’ is not for the faint hearted, taking the term ‘hardcore’ to new levels whilst maintaining the skill and high standards we have come to expect from this top tier emcee. This is sure to be another certified classic in his ever growing back catalogue of bangers.

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