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Nelson Dialect x Architech - Opera House

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‘Opera House’ is a collaboration between New York based Australian MC Nelson Dialect and Danish producer Architech. With knocking drums set across brooding sample flips, Nelson delivers a portrait of a young artist who deals with instinct, love, death, goals and the creative spirit. 

Dialect packs this EP with unforgettable choruses and a blend of smooth yet technical wordplay inspired by the likes of Big Pun & Earl Sweatshirt. 

The title “Opera House” is a nod to the geo-musical background of the collaboration. The iconic Sydney Opera House is of course located in Australia where Dialect is from and was designed by a Danish architect, like the Danish producer of the EP. 

A young artist who has made his mark in Australia and has a burgeoning career in the United States now. His first release with French label Galant Records will be one for Hip Hop fanatics and all music lovers to collect.

released February 1, 2019 

Label: Galant Records 

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