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Silencing any suggestions that he is any less capable than his more high-profile Black Star partner Mos Def, Talib Kweli, along with DJ Hi-Tek, crafts a masterful debut with Reflection Eternal. Like Mos, Kweli displays an impressive range of styles and sensibilities--whether popping party lyrics on "Move Something", reflecting on the mysteries of the heart for "Love", or musing on hip-hop's death and rebirth for "Good Mourning". In comparison to Mos Def's status as a new funk soul brother, Kweli's more of a b-boy bookworm--erudite and articulate, but he can also let fly with fire and spark on the mic anytime. DJ Hi-Tek finally gets to show off his full range of production ability with a blend of hot, aggressive tracks ("Blast") and relaxed groovers ("Memories"). As good a debut as you could ask for.

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