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DJ Soup - Souperloops 2LP


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First released on CD in 1997, this epic release finally see's light on vinyl. Feeling blue? Under the weather? Sounds like you could use a nice, hot bowl of soup…DJ Soup that is. Take fresh samples, combine with phat, earthy beats and a truckful of funk, and mmm-mmm electric hip hop never tasted so good. DJ Soup’s debut album is the perfect remedy for the tasteless, lacklustre musical recipes you’ve been forced to endure whilst craving something more substantial.

Back in 1997 when Triple J was different animal "Souperloops" was album of the week. ‘Souperloops’ is no mere entree’ – it’s a full three-course meal, packed with delicious tunes that will tickle the tastebuds of even the most discerning connoisseur. Consume with care though, this isn’t your mama’s chicken soup: this is DJ Soup and the bowl is very hot!

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